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EvidenceHunt Game

EvidenceHunt is a role-playing logical puzzle game. The main character is a detective, who must solve various crime scene mysteries. There are many evidences at your disposal, to get your work done. Every puzzle has a solution and it can be reached by using logic only, of course you can guess, but be careful, a wrong decision can end your carrier.

wCMS - Content management system for wFramework RSS||projects||12FB


wCMS is a complex CMS (Content Management System) written for wFramework. It was used to administrate Blackwicked.com portal. All the articles and projects you see here were created in this CMS.

wSQL - Database management for wFramework RSS||projects||13FB


wSQL is a cross-platform desktop application written in Qt. It can connect indirectly to databases of sites which were made using wFramework. Unfortunately currently there's no public release of this software.

WHP - Guitar tabulature site RSS||projects||9FB


Wicked Home Page is a guitar tabulature portal for hungarian bands and songs. The current version is very old, and I had to disable all interactive parts due to virus attacks. The new version - written in wFramework - is coming soon.