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EvidenceHunt Game in Ovi Store

EvidenceHunt Game is finally availalbe in Nokia Ovi Store!

EvidenceHunt is a role-playing logical puzzle game. The main character is a detective, who must solve various crime scene mysteries. There are many evidences at your disposal, to get your work done. Every puzzle has a solution and it can be reached by using logic only, of course you can guess, but be careful, a wrong decision can end your carrier.

Please download and review it!

EvidenceHunt Game Windows Installer RSS||news||31FB

EvidenceHunt Game Windows Installer

EvidenceHunt Game has it's first Windows Installer. You can try it, and send me your impressions!

More information about this project:

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Try wCache

The new version of wFramework is available for download. Brand new functions are here to use.

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Get the most out of your Type with DNA

TypeDNA Font Manager is a standalone font management program, compatible both with Mac and PC, that also works as a plugin within Adobe CS5 applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). While most font management software will group and activate fonts in your library, TypeDNA goes beyond that role with the aid of Creative Font Tools, which lets you find the font you want to use fast.

wFramework is available for download RSS||news||27FB

The source of my framework is available on the site from now. Before download you can choose which components you want to use. You get the selected files zipped. Use it with success!